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    Grant was born in Long Beach, California in Feb. 7th, 1980.  He was born to a typical
California family.  He moved around a lot after his parents got divorced,  and
finally ended up in Camas Washington.  He met up with his soon to be guitar player there when  he started going to the local Church.  Grant gave his life to Jesus Christ at the age of 16.  He’s
been playing guitar for about a year and a half, and has just in the past six
months started playing the bass.  He has recently been enrolled in a voice
Class to help mature his hard core So-Cal punk voice.   He is also a self-proclaimed stud-muffin.

Grant Thanx:
The lord Jesus Christ cause if it wasn’t for him he wouldn't be here.  Chad
Naeve, Brian Salwasser, Ellen Crouch For Helping Him go straight edge and
giving him something to smile about . Matt jacobs, Peoples Church, J, His
parents and his Family,  All the chics that have ever shafted him there are to
many names to put on the list,  Cherry Coke, MxPx, Face to Face, Yes Have
Some, Andy & Adam Nichols, Crystal Hood,  the Vancouver and Camas Police
Departments.  Matt Miller,  Josh Donaldson,  Mat Raynor aka "rainman",
Steven Gomez, Frank Smith,  The Clark County Road Maintence for setting up all
those cones for him to knock down, God,  ECW Wrestling,  Derek, Mr
whiting, God,  Social Distortion,  Slick Shoes, Godspeed, My  Mom, the Nuces, the Santons, Erin daniels, Matt Miller,  The Mulkeys  the lady at the piercing pagonda, and the lady at McDonalds how gave him free super sizing.  Steve and Krista Fenton, All his  X-girl friends for giving him motivation to write all
these songs and to learn how to play darts, God,The King Family, The Mundell
Family, The Beason Family, Taco Bell, Pepto Bismol, Turbo Lax, and Pepcid AC,
God,  Fender, Ibanez, Trace Elliot, Peavey, Harmony, Ernie Ball  And last But
not least Jason Graham the most studly dude he know. And to the rest of you
who are not mentioned either he forgot or he doesn’t like you and there is
probably a good reason why he doesn’t like you
So Peace out love all