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    Mat was born on August 30, 1981.  He lived in Vancouver, WA most of his life. Mat got his first guitar in 1995 for his birthday and it was a Harmony Strat copy.  In early 1996 he moved to Camas and hung out there until October when he met Grant.  Grant and Mat started a grunge-hardcore band called Downpour and they played until around May 1997 when they broke up due to creative differences.  Grant and Mat then met Matt Michaud and they pursued a punk-a-billy band called In Full Swing in early 1998.  The name later was changed to 7-10 Split and they added two new members.  The band took a turn to straight up Rock-a-billy style of music and Mat wasn't into it so he left the band in May 1998.  Grant later left the band when they went to pursue a more lounge style.  Now they're Face First and the style is a new-school pop-punk style called "High School Rock & Roll" Mat now plays a Gibson-Epiphone Les Paul Special guitar.  The new sound is fresh and the band has big plans for the future.

Mat would personally like to thank...

Jesus Christ our lord and saviour.  Nothing would be possible with out him.  Everyone should go with what's inside theit heart and find God because nothing else is quite the same.  Steve and Krista Fenton (We Miss You Guys!!), The Whole Miller Clan, People's Church, my family, Youth Nation, mxpx, face to face, bad religion , social d, slick shoes, goldfinger (for being all great bands and musical influences) the cobra strength warriors: grant, michaud, andy and adam, skip, michele, michaiah. and also thanks to brian, cox, chad, ellen, alicia s. :), lisa m.,emily w., laurel, cosmic coffee thanks to every band we've played with, Mr Whiting, Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW! ECW! ECW!), Jerry Springer, Grant's Family,Twiffs, Carl's Jr., horse lady, the bearded lady at shell, anyone who has ever given me guidance and teachings in the way of christ, I could go on forever but I don't want to... thanx to everyone that comes to our shows and everyone that lends (gives) me money. And everyone else i forgot!!! your support means a lot!!! I couldn't list everyone i wanted to thank so don't feel bad if your name isn't on here.

Mat uses equipment from the following comapnies: Gibson, D'Addario, Ernie Ball, Peavey, Digitech/DOD