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Hey guys,

I'll tell you it feels great to be back in action again after taking some time off.  We've written 3 or 4 new songs over the past month and some of them you'll hear on the 30th.  Our demo isn't finished yet we have all of the drum tracks laid out for the songs and about half of the songs completely finished. So that means we won't have available for release on the 30th.  We're thinking of releasing two seperate demos. The first will be released by the end of August if not sooner.   The second will be released later. We haven't started that one yet. Here's the track list for the Volume 1.

Oceans Apart, Superficial Idealist, Wasted Vacation, High School Sucks, Typical Day, Silent Contemplation

It will be available at shows for 3 bucks and through Sevenfold Mail Order which we'll have up when it's released.  Catch our show on the 30th at 3:45 it will be awesome.